About Us

Grand Café Gezellig is established by two friends on a Sunday afternoon during a lunch in Torremolinos.
– Date 28/11/2021

Once a month we get together with our Dutch friends. At these gatherings, we come up with all kinds of business ideas that we laugh and fantasize about. Normally that’s as far as it goes – we carry on with our lives as usual.

But one day, in a Torremolinos bar on a Sunday afternoon, we were at a table full of Dutch food. We suddenly realized: “Why isn’t there a place like this in the city center of Malaga? A place with Dutch food and Dutch

‘Gezelligheid’? A place where people can play board games and have a cozy feeling?”

This idea stuck. For fun, we checked out places for rent in the city center of Malaga. One caught our eye and was perfect for the idea we had. 

Long story short. In a short period of time we realized our dream and started Grand Cafe Gezellig. 

Grand Cafe Gezellig is a place where everyone is welcome. We want to create a feeling of a second home, with nice food and drinks. You want to play board games? This is all possible. We offer more than 20 different games!

Gezellig means a cozy feeling. It also means when you have had a couple of drinks; you feel happy and are having a good time. This means that you are “gezellig”.

Who are ‘they’?

We are Naomi Uijlenhoed and Jackie Stor. 
Both from The Netherlands and with a dream to own our own bar/restaurant.

Before coming to Málaga, Naomi traveled the world. 
She worked on cruise ships and lived in different countries and worked in hospitality.

Jackie comes from a hospitality family and worked for many years in a beachclub.
She came to Malaga after finishing her studies when she was 19 years old.
She Worked as an Operational Manager at JongLeren.es in Malaga.

Our purpose with Grand Café Gezellig

Grand Café Gezellig has the style of an old brown bar in Amsterdam.
This means a lot of wood, dark cozy colors and decoration.

The goal is to create a living room experience. There will be many different board games, Dutch food and drinks.

A place where you can be during the day as well as at night to have drinks and a laugh.
This can be with family, friends, co-workers or with us.

Not to forget, every Sunday there will be Formule 1, with commentary!